Sunday, June 01, 2008

Comments: Temporary Parking Lot

I just had this idea when I was trying to post a comment over at JJ's place. Something was preventing the blog and the comments from publishing properly, and I needed a place to park a comment instead of losing it.

We've all lost comments to malfunctioning platforms at one time or other. It's frustrating, feeling like some of your finest creative work (okay, so it's in the eye of the only beholder -- shoot me, whydoncha?) can disappear into the ether at the whim of a byte.

So I decided to create a parking lot for comments-in-waiting.

When the blog in question starts to behave itself again, I can re-post where it belongs.

"I'm dead meat."
No doubt about it.
Your dog, by the way, is suffering from unsatisfied curiosity, not jealousy. She can hear them and smell them, but she can't see them, so she can't properly identify them and their place in her world. It's upsetting to her that she can't figure it out.
She's being minimally destructive from pure frustration. If you can figure out a way to let her see the kittens -- figure out where the sounds and smells come from -- I'll bet her behavior improves immediately. Otherwise, she might graduate from soft and disposable (and replaceable) paper products to something of more value to you.
Not her fault. She's a dog. It's how she is.