Saturday, November 04, 2006

Not Dead, Just Busy

Has it really been 2+ weeks? Ah, well. "Things" get interesting now and then.

One of the "things" is a complete switch-over from the medication I've been taking for some twenty years to a whole new regimen of stuff. Part of this new regimen makes me more than a little lethargic at the moment. That will change in time, as dosages get adjusted. With any luck, I'm told that I may be able to get rid of all meds in a couple of years. Maybe. Cross my fingers. Yours too, please and thank you.

And one of the Denizens has developed an immediate and continual need for the one and only computer in the Cavern, for business reasons. Blogging, perforce, must cede to the need. *sigh* Need another computer...

Anyway, I try to keep reading y'all when I get the chance, maybe commenting once in awhile. Hang in there. Be back when I can.