Friday, October 19, 2007

Plane Hits Building

Friday, October 19 - 04:14:35 PM

RICHMOND (NEWS1130) - Richmond RCMP believe two people may have been on board a twin engine plane that has crashed into the Rosario Gardens apartment building in Richmond. At this point there's no report on the extent of the injuries.

Department of Holy Shit! I used to live right next door to this building. I had planned on being in the area today, but I changed my mind. I have to be there tomorrow, instead.

The National Post is on it.

CTV likewise.

Opinions and specualtion are divided between the pilot's trying to fly off extra fuel before landing and the pilot's inability to get the landing gear down and locked.

I wonder how long it's gonna be before someone yells about a terrorist attack (not long)...

UPDATE (Saturday, 20 October): Still no definitive word on what caused the crash. Casualty report -- one dead, two injured.

That's amazing! Only the pilot dead (and that maybe before the crash -- speculation still abounds), and in such a high-density business/residential area in the middle of one of the busiest city cores in the country, only two injured!

The building that was hit is one of several tall buildings in the area, and it's not even as tall as most. It's about a mile from the "button" at the airport, and pretty much on the approach path. The whole area is swollen with people, traffic, businesses, shopping centers, hotels, and construction of more of the same (although maybe someone will now re-think before they continue with more of the same. Ya think? Nah. Me neither).

Talk about dumb goddamn luck!


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