Thursday, February 15, 2007

New Links For Your Reading Entertainment

I've added a couple new blogs to my sidebar, near the top.

I Serve Idiots is done by Ryan, who works in the food service industry (in old-fashioned terms,he's a waiter). Read about his mis-adventures with stupid customers who make unreasonable demands. Or would it be unreasonable customers who make stupid demands? Oh, how I wish blogging had been an option back in the days when I was in the food service industry!

Birth Pangs is new, a group blog, and its unwritten mission statement seems to be to raise the blood pressure of right-to-lifers and those who propose that fetuses be declared citizens (and personally speaking, I'm having a difficult time imagining a fetus standing in line at the passport office, but oh well...). High satire -- looking like it proposes to do for women's issues what Landover Baptist does for religion. Damn, but I hope they're able to keep up with the great start they've made! Even their sidebar is funny!

Go. Read. Comment. Enjoy.


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