Friday, January 19, 2007

Harper's Bizarre

When Stevie first let it be known that "Canada's New Government" was to be the official watchword of his temporary reign, I yawned. After all, he had not exactly staged a coup. Indeed, he and his MPs are hanging on by a minority thread. If floor-crossing continues, it's entirely possible for the CPoC to find itself out of government entirely without even the courtesy of an election. We won't need to wait for a defeat on a confidence motion, either. All he has to do is lose enough MPs to other parties, and the switch will become automatic...

I also had not noticed that we had changed our government, either. Changed parties, yes. But changed government? We're still a constitutional monarchy. Note, please, that Canada is not, and never has been, a democracy.

So this little teapot-sized tempest went unnoticed by me until Rick Mercer linked to it and posted it on his blog.

The background, beginning in September of last year, can be found among the links here.

And I'm still waiting for an intelligible answer (as opposed to gobbledegook and bafflegab) from any MP as to the purpose of wasting taxpayer dollars as well as millions of reams of perfectly good paper on the preferred slogan of a temporary administration.

I'm not gonna hold my breath, though. That would fall under the category of "self-inflicted injury."


Blogger Candace said...

(she tries to come up with a witty rejoinder and fails)
*double sigh*

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