Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Is Alive And Well...

...despite complaints from some quarters that this horrible, modern secular society has taken the Christ out of Christmas. Examples are being strewn like straw on a stone floor, pointing to various commercial enterprises refusing to play "real" Christmas music. By that, I guess the complainers meant that "Silent Night" was being replaced by "Jingle Bells." Baby Jesus is being ignored.

To which I was thinking, "When you live in a multicultural, mosaic society, don't be surprised when some of your fellow citizens don't always fall into lockstep with you."

Several posts ago, Balbulican started this thread, and the first commenter complained that "disrespectful" stores and malls were not playing songs that mentioned Jesus. An entertaining discussion ensued.

I went looking.

The shopping mall closest to me is Guildford Town Center, and I went looking for evidence of either respect or disrespect. I actually gritted my teeth and went to the bloody mall. I hate crowds. And, with a very few exceptions, I hate Christmas music. Can't stand either Silent Night or Jingle Bells. Repetitious, sappy dreck, all of it!

Anyway...official mall policy is that there is no official policy on Christmas music. Or Musak, to be more precise. The halls of the mall are filled with an assortment of both religious and non-religious canned crap; although truth be told, it weighs heavily towards the non-religious.

Individual stores, however, played whatever they thought would attract their target customers. Most of the stores into which I poked my head were playing religious carols. And guess what? None of the plentiful population of customers wearing turbans were in the least offended!

And then there was Caminando. They are hired by the mall every year to walk up and down the halls, singing a capella in three-part harmony. And they only sing religious songs. And yes, they do requests. I asked for "Coventry Carol," (one of the few song I like) for which they had no sheet music, but they did do "What Child Is This" (another one I like)? Their harmonies were so sweet, I followed them around for awhile...until they started singing the stuff I don't like. Then I went home and surrounded myself with solitude and silence.

Christmas is alive and well. Good for Christmas. Unfortunately, Christmas "music" is also alive and well.

Thank the gods for portable CD players and earplugs!


Blogger Tim said...

Bahhhhhh Humbug! I'm with you regarding christmas music. 99% repetitous lyrics that drive me bonkers. Tis the season to support the la la la la... la see what I mean... Happy Merry Joyus whatever you do, or do not celibrate...

Monday, December 18, 2006 5:24:00 PM  

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