Friday, July 14, 2006

Government -- By Whom? For Whom?

But definitely in spite of the people!

When is someone gonna draw a bead on this sunovabitch?

C'mon...he's ignored his own constituents' wishes for a by-election after turning traitor to those who elected him as a Liberal. And he's ignoring the mandate of his own portfolio when he betrays the very industry he's supposed to be representing.

"Prime Minister Stephen Harper said this week that legislation to enact the deal will be a matter of confidence in Parliament, meaning its defeat would result in an election."

Now Stevie's acting like TiJean -- every time it looks like we won't let him have his way, he makes it a matter of confidence.

There's just one eensy-weensy difference, Stevie: TiJean had a majority!

And unless you rein in that ego-with-a-mouth you call a Trade Minister, you're gonna end up with egg all over your face.

And we'll be having another election.


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