Thursday, March 23, 2006

DUCK Tape? or DUCT Tape?

Which is correct?

Both, actually.

"Early versions consisted of medical tape laminated to a cloth backing, covered with polycoat adhesives and a polyethylene coating. It was colored Army green and nicknamed 'duck tape' because it repelled water.

"After the war was over, civilians started using the tape in construction, typically to hold metal air ducts together. So it was changed to a matching gray color and renamed 'duct tape.'"

I was actually surprised to find out that this amost-indispensible MacGyverism is made by more than one manufacturer -- I thought "duct tape" was a proprietary name. Learn something new every day...

But the different manufacturers would explain why the stuff I use does not repel water -- it recoils from being wet, more like a cat than a duck -- and comes unsticked.

Does anyone know if it's still on the list of banned items for airline travel? For awhile, there, you couldn't take it aboard an aircraft because it could be used as a weapon (to tie someone up) -- and I think that was before 9/11.

Duct tape wallets, duct tape clothing -- check out the links at the bottom of the article...


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