Thursday, January 19, 2006

Send Your Message of Support... the Canadian soldiers recently wounded in Afghanistan: Private William Edward Salikin, Corporal Jeffrey Bailey, and Master Corporal Paul Franklin -- as well as their families.

Follow this link to Candace's post for the background and details of what everyone except our own government is doing to help our guys in uniform on overseas duty.

Leave your prayers, your thoughts, and your best wishes for these guys in the comments section at the bottom of Candace's post. She and MaryAnn will make sure your messages get to our soldiers.


UPDATE: Apparently, Private Will Salikin has his own blog. I found it by doing this, and following the links.

And if you go to this site, you can get updated information on the conditions of all three soldiers. There are probably lots of similar sites out there -- this is just one of the ones I found.


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