Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Lone Independant

Shock jock to focus on local issues as country's lone Independent MP

Mr. Arthur, the controversial radio host known around Quebec City as King Arthur, is going to the House of Commons as the only Independent MP.

Looks like Chuck really started something...

"I was so impressed by Mr. Cadman," Mr. Arthur said. "Could there be a better example that an Independent is someone immensely closer to his constituents than someone who votes for the interests of a party?"


He said he didn't intend to heed some of the Commons rituals.

Well, he has already refused to heed one of this country's most time-honored rituals -- he didn't get the blessing of an official party before he ran -- and won -- his seat!

Andre Arthur's story is not that of Chuck Cadman's though. Chuck was already known and loved by his constituency before he was dropped from the party by his leader -- Stephen Harper. He was persuaded to run as an independent, and to the surprise of very few who knew the entire story, he won by a landslide. Thumb to the nose for the CPC -- Surrey North declared independence!

And in a way, Andre Arthur's move is a little gutsier. Except as a radio "shock jock," he was a complete unknown to the people who elected him. No political record. Not much of a platform. Just plenty of balls and attitude. Thumb to the nose for the Bloc -- Saint-Raymond-de-Portneuf has just declared independence!

And now for the Question: Now that two MPs have been elected after running as Independents, what is it going to take to get the rest of the country off the party wagon?


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