Sunday, December 04, 2005

Waffles Not On the Menu Anymore...

...and neither is Doogie McCallum.

Radio news at 0100 hours this morning says that former Surrey mayor Doug McCallum was too late in filing his papers, and as a result, he has been disqualified from running as the Tory candidate in Gurmant Grewal's former riding of Surrey - North Delta.

Naturally, the deposed mayor is blaming his disqualification on everything except himself. He especially seemed piqued that Grewal didn't resign sooner, giving him (McCallum) more time to file.

These excuses courtesy of someone who is supposedly politically savvy and experienced...

Janus! Doogie! Ya want us to wipe yer *chin* fer ya, too?

LMFAO! This definitely calls for a celebration...

**Update** Apparently, the radio news I heard was a couple hours old (but, hey -- sometimes ya just gotta nap, y'know?), and CKNW has this brief script:

Newton-North Delta to be ho-hum campaign
Dec, 03 2005 - 10:30 PM

SURREY/CKNW(AM980) - The Conservative nomination won't be as exciting as first anticipated in the riding of Newton-North Delta.

Only one candidate filed nominations papers in time: Phil Eidsvick of the BC Fisheries Survival Coalition.

Former Surrey Mayor Doug McCallum says he raced to have everything in order, but couldn't get it done in such a short time frame, "The time lines were so tight, that um, you know you wonder why they were so tight. You can't beat them. You know, you can't, in two hours, fill out a 35 page document including a criminal record check. You can't do that. It's virtually impossible."
McCallum says he's disappointed he's missed out on a chance to run for federal politics.

Anybody got a crying towel to donate to his cause?

**Added Information** (h/t Buckets -- check update on his post)


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