Thursday, December 22, 2005

Games On!

BREAKING NEWS: COC clears Bertuzzi and the team
Dec, 22 2005 - 12:00 PM

VANCOUVER/MOJO(AM730) - MOJO Sports Radio AM730 has now learned that Todd Bertuzzi and the other 25 players have been all cleared to play for Team Canada.

As first reported this morning on MOJO, there was a meeting called this morning by the Canadian Olympic Committee to take a look at the selection of Bertuzzi to the team. There was some question as to whether Bertuzzi should be allowed to play due to his unfortunate involvement in the Steve Moore incident.

Bertuzzi’s agent Pat Morris said his client is very thankful for the opportunity to represent his country. “He’s [Bertuzzi] really excited and gratified for the support and show of character by those picking the Canadian Olympic Team,” Morris said. “So he’s quite excited by that honour and is looking forward to participating in that tournament.”

Bertuzzi after hearing yesterday’s announcement about making the team said it's rewarding that club managers felt his Steve Moore baggage won't interfere with the team.

--Ryan Hobson


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