Friday, December 02, 2005

Drunk or Stupid? Take Your Pick

When I heard about this news item, at first, I thought that Dan Russell (CKNW) was having a little joke with his fans. I shoulda known better. Dan doesn't do "humor."

First, let me say that I wish Jiri Fischer all the best. There's another news item that says he's had more heart trouble, and for a young guy with a hockey career about to be terminated for health reasons, that's gotta be heartbreaking -- no pun intended. But I don't think the doctors are going to let him continue.

But what are the NHL schedulers thinking? Or drinking?

The game in Detroit was about 12 1/2 minutes into the first period, with Nashville ahead 1 - 0, when Fischer collapsed at the bench. Game stopped. So far, so good. Need to reschedule.

Two possibilities that I (and apparently everyone else) could see: reschedule for Detroit, leave the score as it is, and restart the game for 47 1/2 minutes (plus overtime if needed); or, reschedule for Detroit, wipe out the score as if it had never existed, and schedule a full 60 minutes.

The first option would allow Predators Johnson, Suter, and Upshall to keep their points. I mean, how likely is it that they'll be able to play it exactly the same way again, right?

The second option would just plain wipe the slate clean and start again, giving the Detroit fans a whole new game to make up for the one they missed through no fault of their own.

So -- what's this? Reschedule for Nashville. Start the clock over again. Keep the score at 1 - 0 Nashville.

Not only are the Detroit fans being cheated out of a home game, but Wings now have to go to the opposition's venue, with the opposition already a point up on them (and with home rink advantage), and they have to re-play that 12 1/2 minutes!

Excuse me while I go find me a baseball bat...


Blogger DazzlinDino said...

Agreed, that's just not right. The owners in Detroit NEED the revenue from the game....

Saturday, December 03, 2005 11:08:00 AM  

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