Monday, November 07, 2005

HUAC Is Not Dead... has been hibernating, dreaming schemes, and building strength for the new war -- The Government versus The People!

FBI mines records of ordinary Americans
Under Patriot Act, feds probe lives of residents not alleged to be terrorists

Warning: This is a long article. Six pages. But, damn, somebody's gotta start paying attention to what the governments are doing!

Yes, I said governments. Plural. The so-called western democratic governments seem to have latched on to the one thing that dictatorships have known all along -- there is no power in being answerable to those who elect them. There is only power in being able to hang on to office forever. And one way to do that is to intimidate the electorate into believing that everything they do and say is not only legal, but also moral and ethical! As well as -- and this is a really big, important selling point -- all in the interests of the public good!

"We're not really after you," the elected will say. "We're actually after your neighbor/friend/co-worker/relative (choose one). We think he's a snirkel forter, and since snirkel forting is illegal and dangerous, as well as immoral, we have to stop him. But to stop him, we have to prove it. But if we ask him, he will just deny forting any snirkels, and we know that he will then hide any evidence of illegal activities, including his contact list of other snirkel forters. So, we need to get access to his personal, private, secret, guaranteed-inviolable-by-law information. But if we only do it to him, he might find out and create a stink about it, warning al other snirkel forters, as well as warning all the radical free-thinkers, intellectuals, photojournalists, and housewives. And we can't have that, because they are our next targets. So we have to do it to you, too. We knew you'd understand. After all, you're only doing your duty as a loyal citizen. Only disloyal citizens and terrorists would see anything wrong in allowing us to know everything about you from the time you cut your first tooth and accidentally bit your mother's nipple, causing her extreme distress and forcing her to switch you to bottle-feeding (and, no, we realize that it was totally accidental -- after all, it was your first tooth, and how could you have known how sharp it would be? -- so we won't be filing any assault charges against you on behalf of your mother).

"Oh, and by the way, this is a secret conversation. You may not tell anyone what we just said. You may not write about it or talk about it, and don't ever let us catch you thinking about it! Doing so would only warn those we are really after. And that would be not only disloyal, but downright unpatriotic! You don't want to be known as disloyal and unpatriotic, do you? What would your family think? What would your friends think? What would your landlord/mortgage holder think? What would your employer think?

"We knew you'd understand..."


Anonymous ironheart said...

Thomas Jefferson once said that he would much prefer an unfettered press to an unfettered government. That sound you hear is him reaching 40,000 rpm in his grave. I'm not at all surprised. What saddens me is that American citizens cannot defend themselves against their own government. To paraphrase Pogo's paraphrase: "We have met the enemy -- and we elected them." I can just see Lincoln whiting out his speech to read: Government over the people, against the people and in spite of the people. Forever and ever -- eh, man?

Monday, November 07, 2005 6:27:00 PM  
Blogger Chimera said...

It's not just the Americans who are having this problem, ironheart. The same applies to Canada, as well (have you noticed all the "publication bans" we've had to circumvent -- with the aid of some of our international friends -- lately? Great Britain has its own version of this crap, as well. All over the world, the so-called democratic process is being eaten alive...and if we don't fight against it, we're right in there at the banquet with out knives and forks!

Monday, November 07, 2005 7:26:00 PM  

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