Monday, November 14, 2005

De Meme, Boss! Da Meme!

One of these days, I'm gonna have to find a definition of "meme" that makes sense. But until I do, I'll just play with the definition eveyone else is playing with...

DazzlinDino has been kind (!) enough to tag me, looking for the 5th sentence from my 23rd post. Have I posted that many times? You're kidding! When did that happen? That long ago, eh?

My 23rd post was on 4 September 2005, and was titled "And Just What Do You Have Under That Heavy Coat?" The 5th sentence (I'm taking this to mean the 5th sentence that I wrote, not counting the news article being quoted) reads: "And if I told you where, I'd have to go get my non-replicas..."

I actually had to go re-read it to find out what that post was about, because I couldn't tell from the context of the sentence juxtaposed with the title. And if I'm having trouble, and I wrote the durn thing, I imagine anyone else is completely lost.

Isn't this fun?

Now, who else can we invite to this little party? We need five more guests, right? Ah, how about:

Queer Thoughts ~ News for the Gay Community
The Urban Refugee
Dawg's Blawg
Mentok the Mind-taker
Crazy Ass Planet

Some will be more familiar than others, and they are all worth reading. Now for the "fun" stuff -- I get to go break the good news these nice folk. Getting out my armor and my chain mail underwear...


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