Tuesday, September 06, 2005

"Candygram for Mungo...!"

So, don't accept chocolates from a Nazi..
Sep 6, 8:29 AM (ET)

LONDON (Reuters) - Luckily, the exploding Smedley's English Red Plums in Heavy Syrup were intercepted in Turkey before anyone got killed.

But what of the hand grenade disguised as a chocolate bar? Or the incendiary Vichy pastille sweets?

A secret file from the archives of Britain's spy services released this week shows ingenious methods, conjured up by Germans during World War Two, for disguising bombs.

Britain's Security Service began opening its records this year under the country's new Freedom of Information Act.

Among the files declassified by the National Archive was a treasure trove of nifty exploding gadgets, labeled "Camouflages for sabotage equipment used by the German sabotage services."

The drawing of the design for the chocolate bar grenade says it is made from steel coated with real chocolate, and activated by breaking off a bit at one end. It doesn't say whether the grenade was ever actually manufactured or used.

The file also includes photos of the incendiary pastille sweets, and bombs hidden in anything from oil cans and food tins to a lump of coal.


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