Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Spider!

For someone who just turned sixty, you don't get to lookin' much older, and your Lady sure don't age at all!

It was a great party -- lotsa good people, lots good food, lotsa good music (and ain't it always best when ya makes yer own?). Let's not wait another ten years to do it again, hm?

Scritches to Simba...

UPDATE: As Rev. Paperboy mentions in the comments, Spider and Jeanne are about to become grandparents. May, Jeanne says. I thought it was earlier, based on the sonogram being proudly displayed on the fridge door, but what do I know from photos? I can barely tell anyone's age by looking at the in-front-of-me real body!

Jeanne talks about the coming event in her post yesterday. Hit those two links in the post for some occular irrigation! Damn, but the man can write!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I has one. The investiture was Sunday night. Dubbed with a sword and everything.

"Sir Chimera." It'll take a bit of getting used to...

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Too Close Not To Recount

Whew! When Al Franken said he was gonna jump into the senatorial race for Minnesota, I bet a lot of people thought he was just taking his dog out for a walk to pee on Coleman's lawn.

Apparently not. The results-so-far, at least, are serious. There are less than 400 votes separating Franken and Coleman, and a recount is automatic. And here's what's really interesting:

Coleman is trying to convince Franken to waive his right to the recount. He's citing "too much cost" -- about $86,000.00 -- as an excuse.

Is he fucking serious? After the tab this election just ran up -- what, somewhere in the billions was it? -- he's "concerned" about a measly 86 grand? I thought it was Al Franken who was the comedian.

Psst...Norm...any fool can run for office. All you need for that is money and a PR machine. But if you want to make your living by making people laugh, you need to have talent.

Frank-en, Frank-en, Frank-en...

UPDATE (7:20 pm): And the gap is closing -- 232 votes and getting closer...

I Have A Proposition For You...

California Proposition 8 (and there were others, but this was the one I was keeping an eye on) -- putting a ban on gay marriages -- managed to pass only by a margin of about 52 to 48, although "civil unions" are allowed. And there are three lawsuits lined up to overturn it, so this was not the last word, by any stretch of anyone's vivid imagination!

Eight years ago, it passed by a margin of 61 to 39.

Opposition to equality in the right to marry (and call it marriage) is dying.

If we wait another four years, it will die from sheer exhaustion. Or...what say we run it up to Seattle and put it out of our misery?

Monday, November 03, 2008

President Obama

Jus' practising.

Champers on ice.

Noisemakers ready.

Fingers crossed.